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Welcome to Masala House.

Masala is a a mixture of ground spices used in Indian cooking


Over here, we believe that food is a symphony that rings true with everyone. We serve authentic Indian food infused with a wonderful blend of spices, which come together in a resplendent orchestra of flavors to satisfy your craving for genuine, Indian food.

We will elevate you to the modern world of Indian cuisine. With a menu created by co-owner and Chef Prasanna Kumar, Masala House is an endeavor to change the way you look at Indian cuisine, permanently.

It strives to set itself apart from other Indian restaurants not just by the sheer joy it brings to your taste buds, but by presenting an experience that lures you in again and again.

By reimagining the cuisine – be it individual dining and sharing, a mix of small plates, entrees and sharing entrees with sides and desserts, and beverages created with fresh seasonal ingredients and infused liquors – Masala House wishes to tantalize your taste buds in ways that only Masala House’s special blend of flavors can.

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